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Cloud Driven Networking for Education
Even before COVID-19 struck, many in the Education Sector had already embraced the cloud. As schools, colleges and universities prepare for the post pandemic new normal, the speed, agility and efficiency of cloud-based IT in providing high quality experiences becomes more important than ever before. Now the many benefits of cloud-based IT can be brought to bear on networking and network management with cloud-driven networking.

Join Alexandra Gates, Product Marketing Director at Extreme Networks, in this 1-hour webinar with Q&A as she discusses the functionalities and benefits of the Cloud-Driven Networking for the Education Sector:

• Operational Efficiency - AI/ML powered analytics deliver proactive situational awareness to boost staff communication and engagement.
• Personalized Learning - Easily integrate with your student directory and provide bandwidth where and when it is needed.
• Education Continuity - Remote Connectivity for Pandemic Response Strategies. Drive-In Learning, Distance Learning, Remote Sites and Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spots.
• Student Safety and Privacy - Cloud security tools allow IT administrators to protect student information. It also offers data encryption and logging capabilities to satisfy education specific compliance requirements.
• Remote Learning - Portable branch kits, remote access kits, and Extreme Fabric Connect ensure safe and secure student and faculty connections.
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